Launching the website

  • EPCM10
  • 05.02.2018

Welcome! We are very happy to announce the launch of our new and fresh website, recently created in order to better illustrate our company and our services, as well as our expertise in several important industries. On our new website, we are confident that you will be able to find all of the information you need as quickly as possible, and due to our user-friendly approach, you will get to know us better get a glimpse of the manner in which we approach and deliver each construction project.

We are looking forward to receiving your feedback and to being engaged in your new and challenging engineering projects.

Special thanks to COOLPIXEL and NOMADE COMMUNICATIONS for all their support.

EPCM10 team

  • EPCM10
  • 02.02.2018

We, at EPCM10, are not just another project management company, but a result of more than ten years of complex engineering experience in a large variety of project management areas.

We are proud of our outstanding team of high professional ethics, solid background and certified people and eager to start this new challenge. We are present in several Romanian regions by having Radu Miron taking over EPCM’s operations in western Romania and Florin Ignat in south east Romania, where they oversee all the construction projects in those regions and Patrício Felgueiras – our Managing Director – in charge with overseeing all of the company’s business operations. Our expertise, extensive knowledge, and smart business approach stand as a guarantee that all client construction projects will be delivered in a timely manner, with quality and with a cost-effective approach.