At EPCM10, we put our energy and knowledge into delivering the best project management services that clients need. Based on our experience, we have created a productive and effective management methodology that enables us to minimise the impact of challenges that might occur. We proudly commit to a client-orientated business approach that provides strong liaison between the client, the suppliers, the contractors, professional consultants and third parties such as local authorities.

We aim actively towards solving daily engineering challenges focusing on the success of the projects.

EPCM10 is a result of more than ten years of complex engineering experience in a large variety of projects.
"Our mission is to intelligently manage your investment by simplifying your decisions with our can-do attitude and our dedicated team of recognised experts." Patricio Felgueiras – Managing Director.
EPCM10’s goal is to offer the highest service standards, to create strong partnerships and to become the first choice for our clients.

our services

Project Planning
and Development

We consider each project as a unique opportunity to create an exceptional end-result that exceeds our client’s expectations.

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Design Project Development
and Coordination

Our broad expertise tells us that creating and developing the initial project design is one of the key steps in our project management approach.

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Our team of experts creates a comprehensive strategy in order to ensure our clients receive the best resource distribution throughout the entire project.

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Project Licensing

Preparing all authorisation documents according to the country’s legislation and gathering all necessary documentation.

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Contractors & Suppliers Procurement
and Tenders Management

We understand the importance of effective cost management and its role in project success.

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Our comprehensive professional background enables us to provide a panoply package of tools and resources to effectively plan.

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Quality Oversight During
the Construction Stage

Throughout the years, we have developed state of the art quality assurance procedures in order to ensure the compliance of each project stage.

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Economic dynamics can easily raise critical challenges that can eventually prevent the company to employ a cost control policy for its construction project.

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Environment, Health, and
Safety Coordination

Safety is of utmost importance for EPCM10. Together with our consultant partners, we allocate all necessary resources to ensure a safe working environment.

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We are able to boast a long-term business approach that enables us to provide a professional building management service to our clients.

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